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[bluetooth-dev] CSR

Dear Frank,

I tried to run the Axis Stack with CSR with firmware Beta -5. But when tried
to execute the ReadBD command it is showing

As I am able to run the Same command with Ericsson module and able to do
telnet and ftp over ppp, so I feel there is
nothing wrong in the my AXIS Stack setup.

After updateing the CSR firmware I also checked the functionality of CSR
module with Digianswer's Bluetooth HCI Terminal which is satisfactory.

I run the btd application on client with the following options..
./btd -u /dev/ttyS0 -b /dev/ttyBT0 -r client

Please let me know whether we have to change any code in the AXIS stack and
where I am wrong.

Thank you very much...
Srinivas Chervirala