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[bluetooth-dev] DigiAnswer HW

Hi Craig
sorry for the late response

I'm afraid that the reset is only one of many more problem,
that you will face trying to use the RS-232 adaptors with the stack.

After deeply checking this configuration, I came to realize that
DigiAnswer dongles doesn't support bluetooth core spec. 1.0B, but only

which seems to be the major reason not to work with that  HW  and
Axis stack (which does supports spec 1.0B).

At our lab. we checked both firmware's 4.3 and 5.0,  without a success.
I hope that DigiAnswer will support spec 1.0B in the near future,
otherwise there is no good reason to try developing something on these
because that means: moving backwards.

Anyway as I wrote before, the only thing that's works with Axis Stack,
is the simple hci command: read_bd_addr (a command without parameters),
which means that the UART driver works ok,
but more than that is too much to ask (I mean: distributed


Oren H.Spark

Craig Gwydir wrote:

> According to DigiAnswer, the HCI "reset" command is not yet
> on their RS-232 BT dongles.
> This begs the question: how did people test the AXIS BT stack
> on the DigiAnswer BT RS-232 dongles?  I guess one has to
> comment out hci_reset()?
> Has anybody tried the AXIS BT stack with the DigiAnswer RS-232 BT
> dongle?
> Thanks,
> Craig