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[bluetooth-dev] DigiAnswer HW


We succeeded in establishing an RFCOMM connection between a Linux PC with a Digianswer RS232 dongle and a Windows PC with a Digianswer PC Card.

To do so, we did the following stuff:
(1) We disabled SDP since it seems not to work well (just commented the relevant lines out of bluetooth.c).
(2) We hard-coded the RFCOMM channel (we set the second parameter of rfcomm_connect_req() to "1" in bluetooth.c).
(3) We commented the followings out in hci.c: hci_reset() and read_ericsson_rev_info().

Then an RFCOMM connection is SOMETIMES established between the two PCs...
I mean, unfortunately the stack often crashed, or connection failed... :-(

Could any one tell me the reason why?

Thank you in advance.

Koji Hashimoto,
Hitachi Research Lab.