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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Questions on Bluetooth Antenna


We got the Philsar board directly from Philsar, actually it is an evaluation
board, we placed the order half an year ago, just got it. It costs $1,500
for one.


> Hi,
>  I can tell you where to get bluetooth antennas if you can tell me how and
> where you got the RF board from Philsar.
>   Does the philsar boards come with a baseband controller and RF chip or
> only RF? How much did it cost and did it come with any software?
>   As for the antenna, you can find some at http://www.GigaAnt.com/
> they have three types and prices range from $12 to $35. There is another
> company but i don't know the name/site.
>  Thanks,
>  Dennis
> On Mon, 25 Sep 2000, Ling Su wrote:
> > Hello, everyone,
> >
> > I got two RF board for Philsar Communications(Acquired by conexant),
unfortunatetly it is an development board, no antenna comes along with it. I
want to ask anyone who knows where I can looking for the 2.4GHz RF antenna,
please shed me some light, I have been searching on the web for almost two
days, didn't succeed in getting anything. Thanks a lot in advance!
> >
> > Best Rgds,
> > -Ling
> >