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[bluetooth-dev] beacons

Hi all,

I have some questions to the baseband specification

1) Are the defined beaconslots the same for all the parked slaves, or 
is it possible to define differnet beaconslots for each slave?

2) Is it possible to define the beaconslots every 1250Ás (each
to reach a parked slave as fast as possible?

3) Is it mandatory to define an accesswindow for the parked devices 
(set it to 0)?

Question to SCO-link
When defining a SCO-link, the Tsco parameter defines the interval in 
which the SCO-packets are sent (in number of slots). Can this 
parameter set to any value (for example Tsco=10)?

Question to ACL-link
After entering the connection state a POLL packet should be send to the
slave. The slave can answer with any kind of a packet (baseband
specification). Is this kind of information exchange a ACL link, or when a
ACL-link is defined?

Thanks for your help