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Re: [bluetooth-dev] DigiAnswer HW

Hi Koji Hashimoto

sorry for the late response,
The first thing I would check, is deep below, at the HCI imlementation
on each of these boards that you mentioned.

check the CREATE CONNECTION command, and how many parameters it sends,
to digi hw (and to the air), and jow many parameters, the other implementation
of the hci expects (that's because changes between two versions of the bluetooth specs).

check the READ_BUFFER_SIZE command, and how many parameters it should received back from the digi hw (it may be, that one of your units, doesn't
that important information, because of wrong parameters list, see above, for the reason)

and I have a few questions, about the configuration, you had mention:

    1)  with which firmware of DigiAnswer RS232 dongles, you are working ?
        (4.3,  5.0, or mabye a nother firmware?)

    2) Do you know, if that firmware does support spec. 1.0B ?

    3) and what about the Digianswer PC Card.
       which spec. this card suports?
       I'm asking that one, because in digi' web site at the support section
       they wrote:
       something about incompatibility between, some versions of the pc-card
       and digi-dongles.


Oren H.Spark

khasimo@xxxxxxx.jp wrote:

> Hi,
> We succeeded in establishing an RFCOMM connection between a Linux PC with a Digianswer RS232 dongle and a Windows PC with a Digianswer PC Card.
> To do so, we did the following stuff:
> (1) We disabled SDP since it seems not to work well (just commented the relevant lines out of bluetooth.c).
> (2) We hard-coded the RFCOMM channel (we set the second parameter of rfcomm_connect_req() to "1" in bluetooth.c).
> (3) We commented the followings out in hci.c: hci_reset() and read_ericsson_rev_info().
> Then an RFCOMM connection is SOMETIMES established between the two PCs...
> I mean, unfortunately the stack often crashed, or connection failed... :-(
> Could any one tell me the reason why?
> Thank you in advance.
> brgds
> Koji Hashimoto,
> Hitachi Research Lab.