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[bluetooth-dev] Re: DigiAnswer HW

Hi Oren,

First of all, I have to tell you this:
I mentioned that the stack often crashed.
But, we found out the reason why.
We supplied electric power to the RS232 dongle in an improper way...

So now, the stack works well.

>check the CREATE CONNECTION command, and how many parameters it sends,
>to digi hw (and to the air), and jow many parameters, the other implementation
>of the hci expects (that's because changes between two versions of the bluetooth specs).

We've checked it. 
The dongle receives a Create Connection command with the last four parameters (Page_Scan_Repetition_Mode, Page_Scan_Mode, Clock_Offset, and Allow_Role_Switch). I think the dongle just ignores them.
In fact, I tried to make the stack send the Create Connection command without them, and found out that the dongle returned a Command Pending Event and a Connection Complete Event.

>check the READ_BUFFER_SIZE command, and how many parameters it should received back from the digi hw (it may be, that one of your units, doesn't
>that important information, because of wrong parameters list, see above, for the reason)

HCI Implementation Notes says that HCI on the dongle is implemented according to spec. v0.9.
But unexpectedly, the dongle returns the full five parameters (Status, HC_ACL_Data_Packet_Length, HC_SCO_Data_Packet_Length, HC_Total_Num_ACL_Data_Packets, and HC_Total_Num_SCO_Data_Packets).

>and I have a few questions, about the configuration, you had mention:
>    1)  with which firmware of DigiAnswer RS232 dongles, you are working ?
>        (4.3,  5.0, or mabye a nother firmware?)

How can we check the version of the firmware?

>    2) Do you know, if that firmware does support spec. 1.0B ?

Receiving a Change_Connection_Packet_Type command, the dongle returns a Command Complete event instead of a Command Status and a Connection_Packet_Type_Changed events.
Therefore at least, we can see that the firmware doesn't support spec. v1.0B.

>    3) and what about the Digianswer PC Card.
>       which spec. this card suports?
>       I'm asking that one, because in digi' web site at the support section
>       they wrote:
>       something about incompatibility between, some versions of the pc-card
>       and digi-dongles.

We use the software v4.02 of the PC Card. As you know, the RS232 dongle software is compatible with up to v4.02.
Actually, when we used the PC Card software v4.11 (the latest one), it crashed immediately after establishing an L2CAP Connection!