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[bluetooth-dev] strange behavior for insmod

I've noticed a strange thing, when I try to insmod before I run the Xserver on 
RedHat 6.2 some messages appears that indicates that the moduke is registered 
on serial....
but when I try to execute the btd using HCI emualtion (I 've decommented it, 
compiled it) it still tries to initialize HW and ignores the emulation:
my command is : ./btd -u /dev/ttyS1 -e 0 -i no_hw

However if I started the Xserver first, when I insmod no messags appear, and 
it init the stack using the HCI emulation !!

till now I can't establish a connection, when I typt con 11:22:33:44:55:66 0 
it displays connecting .... and nothing happens, I'm doughting the cable it 

Another thing, do I have to invoke mknode every time I reboot, I don't 
understand what is does.

Hisham Barradah