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[bluetooth-dev] Re: DigiAnswer HW

Hi Koji

Thank you for your thorough information.
and for your question:

"How can we check the version of the firmware?"

just look at the white sticker on top of the baseband/lmp flash
firmware,  (one of the microprocessors, on the board),
it should be printed there (ver x.xx).


Oren H.Spark

khasimo@xxxxxxx.jp wrote:

> Hi Oren,
> First of all, I have to tell you this:
> I mentioned that the stack often crashed.
> But, we found out the reason why.
> We supplied electric power to the RS232 dongle in an improper way...
> So now, the stack works well.
> >check the CREATE CONNECTION command, and how many parameters it sends,
> >to digi hw (and to the air), and jow many parameters, the other implementation
> >of the hci expects (that's because changes between two versions of the bluetooth specs).
> We've checked it.
> The dongle receives a Create Connection command with the last four parameters (Page_Scan_Repetition_Mode, Page_Scan_Mode, Clock_Offset, and Allow_Role_Switch). I think the dongle just ignores them.
> In fact, I tried to make the stack send the Create Connection command without them, and found out that the dongle returned a Command Pending Event and a Connection Complete Event.
> >check the READ_BUFFER_SIZE command, and how many parameters it should received back from the digi hw (it may be, that one of your units, doesn't
> >get
> >that important information, because of wrong parameters list, see above, for the reason)
> HCI Implementation Notes says that HCI on the dongle is implemented according to spec. v0.9.
> But unexpectedly, the dongle returns the full five parameters (Status, HC_ACL_Data_Packet_Length, HC_SCO_Data_Packet_Length, HC_Total_Num_ACL_Data_Packets, and HC_Total_Num_SCO_Data_Packets).
> Mmm...
> >and I have a few questions, about the configuration, you had mention:
> >
> >    1)  with which firmware of DigiAnswer RS232 dongles, you are working ?
> >        (4.3,  5.0, or mabye a nother firmware?)
> How can we check the version of the firmware?
> >    2) Do you know, if that firmware does support spec. 1.0B ?
> Receiving a Change_Connection_Packet_Type command, the dongle returns a Command Complete event instead of a Command Status and a Connection_Packet_Type_Changed events.
> Therefore at least, we can see that the firmware doesn't support spec. v1.0B.
> >    3) and what about the Digianswer PC Card.
> >       which spec. this card suports?
> >       I'm asking that one, because in digi' web site at the support section
> >       they wrote:
> >       something about incompatibility between, some versions of the pc-card
> >       and digi-dongles.
> We use the software v4.02 of the PC Card. As you know, the RS232 dongle software is compatible with up to v4.02.
> Actually, when we used the PC Card software v4.11 (the latest one), it crashed immediately after establishing an L2CAP Connection!
> brgds
> Koji

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