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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Re: Porting to ARM

Axis Bluetooth Dev[SMTP:axis@xxxxxxx.net] wrote:
> Hi,
>  I was wondering if people are actually porting the Axis Bluetooth stack
> to an ARM processor. I am not too familiar with the ARM chips and would
> like to possibly start working with them. Would this be the best route to
> go on with the lowest cost and easiest learning curve? I have not worked
> with ARM chips, but I have experience in programming PIC chips in C. 
>   Can anyone speculate on whether it would be possible to port the BT 
> stack to a PIC chip?  My intentions are to embed the BT protocol stack in
> to a chip rather then run it on a PC with linux. 
>  If anyone can provide me with more info on this topic, and where I could
> find more support with ARM chips (already checked arm.com), it would be a
> big help to me.
>  Thanks,
>  Dennis

Have you had a look at uClinux? It has already been ported to the ARM7TDMI.
Until now, it is finished for the Aplio/Trio and Netarm. Various other ports are in
progress. Currently, I try to get it running on the Atmel AT91M40400, with the
Atmel board EB01. Have a look at my "uClinux Directory" at 


You will find links to ARM information under Architectures/ARM7. You have to 
take care about structure alignment, see the recent discussions.