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[bluetooth-dev] hci_send_data function

Hi all,
We have a problem to establish a L2CAP connection using the Axis stack.
The LP connection phase works well but the L2CAP_connectReq packet seems
to be never sent : the hci_send_data function prints "leave in queue
..." and then nothing happens.

 lp_connect_cfm : HCI connected to  (6) 
    0x9e 0x3 0x0 0xcd 0x50 0x0  
 Current state : W4_L2CAP_CONNECT_RSP 
     L2CAP l2cap_connect_req: Connecting RFCOMM (rcid:0) 
 AXIS HCI: hci_send_data: 12 bytes  
 AXIS HCI: hci_send_data : leave in queue, buffers 41, acl_num 0 

We would like to know in which situations the hci_send_data function
decides to leave the packet in a queue instead of sending it

Thanks for your help,