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[bluetooth-dev] Re: Bluetooth stack

Joakim Ceder wrote:

> Dear Mr McNutt
> We are also thinking of porting the stack to arm. If we can use the work you already
> have done we would be very grateful.
> Is there any documentation of your changes? Is the stack actually running?
> Thanks in advance!
> Joakim Ceder
> Halmstad University
> Sweden

Sorry for taking so long to reply. Since several people have asked about this, I wanted
to reply publicly.

Yes, a modified stack is running and working on an ARM.

Sorry, there is no documentation yet. The only changes I had to make were to pack most
of the structs and fix a couple of macros in l2cap.c and hci.c (I think).

Rather than mail a tarball to this list, I want to follow the instructions on the Axis
page and post a patch file against their latest release. As soon as I can put together
a patch and confirm that it works I will post it to this mailing list. Since this will
be the first time I've ever made a patch, have some patience, please.

Also, I've begun porting the stack for big-endian processors. I'll be posting patches
for that as well. I encourage anyone else doing development to follow suit so that we
can all take advantage of it and improve what the Axis people were kind enough to