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[bluetooth-dev] patch for arm


Here's the promised patch to make the stack work on ARM processors. This
is the first time I've ever submitted a patch to anything so please be
tolerant but inform me of errors you find. I've verified that it works
for me, but you know how these things go...

If you've never applied a patch here's a crash course:
Get the bluetooth_20000814 tarball from axis's website, and save the
patchfile attached to this mail.

gunzip bluetooth_20000814-gmcnutt-patch1.gz
tar -xvzf bluetooth_20000814.tgz
cd bluetooth
patch -p3 < ../bluetooth_20000814-gmcnutt-patch1

That's it. Hints for cross-compiling can be found in the Makefile under
apps and src, respectively. If you need an arm cross-compiler for the
i386 I got my toolchain from handhelds.org (it's known as the skiff
toolchain, and works best when installed in /).

This patch is too big for a single patch, I know, and contains multiple
changes. I apologize for any inconvenience the unwanted changes make and
will keep these things in mind in the future. Here's a summary:
1. Modified .h files and a few .c files to make the stack work on ARM
2. Added a few options to btd, including -a <IP address> and -f <flow
3. Some initial changes to hci for big-endian processors.

Have fun,