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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Protocol OBEX


I've been poking at this issue as well (using the same OpenOPEX code). 
I happen to know there are several others on this list working on this
too.  I suspect if any one of us had about a solid week to devote to it
without any other distractions it could be done very well.  But....we
all know that is a pipe dream ;)

Keep us posted,
Ken Steck

Oliver Meili wrote:
> Hi
> > I am wondering if anyboody has done it before? How i can bgin?
> > and where get the needed information and etc.
> I've been thinking about this during the last few days as well, and
> since there already is an implementation of OBEX under GPL (check
> http://www.ravioli.pasta.cs.uit.no/open-obex/) which would be quite easy
> to integrate, if there was an API to the BT stack. I'll work out some
> propositions during the weekend, which I'll hopefully post during the
> weekend or on monday to this list.
> If there are some simple primitives offered by the BT stack, the
> integration of OBEX is a piece of cake.
> Cheers Oli

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