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[bluetooth-dev] Axis BT stack on Motorola Dragonball

  As many of you know there is support for uclinux on the M68EZ328
Dragonball. Has anyone attempted to port the BT stack on this chip? I
wanted to know if someone has done this already before I start looking
deep into it. I see that there is internest and support for the ARM chips,
but the reason why I chose to possibly use the M68EZ is because the parts
look like they are easily available and easier to build than using an ARM
chip. Besides the development kits, I cannot seem to find any
projects/schematics using the ARM chip. It looks like it requires a lot
more RAM and interface logic. My goal is to design a circuit that can
support the BT stack and carry a lowest possible cost. I'd actually prefer
to use an 8bit controller, but it seems to me that the BT stack uses 32
RAM registers as opposed to 8bit? Am I correct to assume that I must use a
32-bit processor to run bluetooth?
 Thanks ,