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[bluetooth-dev] patch for pty in user-level stack, readline for btd

Here's a quick and dirty patch against bluetooth_20000814 that improves the btd application. 
This patch provides three improvements:
o When running the user-mode stack, btd creates a pty that is used
  in place of /dev/ttyBT0.  This means you can now use the user-mode 
  stack to run pppd just like you can with the kernel module.
o The btd application can use the GNU readline library for input
  (enabled by default).  This gives you emacs-style editing commands
  and a command history.  The history is stored in the file
  '.btd_history' and is persistant across btd invocations.
o A new command line option, -a, allows you to specifiy th
  local_ip_address:remote_ip_address to be used by pppd.
To apply the patch, extract bluetooth_20000814.tgz, creating a bluetooth directory, then execute 'patch -p0 < pty-readline-patch'.