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[bluetooth-dev] RE: Bluetooth Antenna

Ya. If one is not concerned about the efficiency, losses and radiation
patterns, practically any metal (cut to approximatly the resonant length)
surely can receive somesort of signals. We indeed do this sort of things in
the field or sometimes in the lab for engineering tests. And, I did look at
the Gigaant and some other wireless antenna companies. They are geared for a
high volume mobile market. They may not be the best for us but good for the
mobile devices anyway. Thanks.


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A paper clip for a Bluetooth antennae????

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Hi Ling,

Hereīs a place specialising in Bluetooth antennas:  www.gigaant.com
I havenīt tried them out myself, but Iīve heard they should be good.

By the way, what connectors are on the Philsar boards?
If You are primarily requiring Your lab samples to get upīnīrunning, and
if Your boards are equipped with an SMA-connector, hereīs my
far-from-rocket-science-but-fully-functional Bluetooth lab antenna

- Get a paper clip made in metallic material, having a thread diameter
tightly fitting into the centre hole of the SMA connector.
- Unfold the paper clip into a straight steel thread.
- Cut the thread at 32mm (theoretically approx 31mm should be more
optimal, but my experience is that 32mm works better)
- Put the thread in the centre hole of the SMA connector - and Your
1/4-wave Bluetooth antenna should be ready for operation :-)

>From my experience, this antenna works quite well in my lab. We are able
to get an operational distance between two bords well over 10 metres
using the Ericsson Bluetooth modules, and we have not so far damaged any
of our boards.
However, use this tip completely at Your own risk, bearing in mind that
using a badly adapted antenna could severely damage the radio power
parts of Your board!

Happy Bluetooth hacking!

> Ling Su wrote:
> Hello, everyone,
> I got two RF board for Philsar Communications(Acquired by conexant),
> unfortunatetly it is an development board, no antenna comes along with
> it. I want to ask anyone who knows where I can looking for the 2.4GHz
> RF antenna, please shed me some light, I have been searching on the
> web for almost two days, didn't succeed in getting anything. Thanks a
> lot in advance!
> Best Rgds,
> -Ling