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RE: [bluetooth-dev] RS232 support

<NOT an Axis Representative, just another user/possible developer>

The current reasoning on this (and unfortunately it is very good) is that
there is little motivation to support the RS-232 transport layer spec
because there is not currently any HW that supports it.  What this means

1. In order to use the RS-232 transport layer you must add an external uC
that receives the RS-232 transport layer packets, converts them to UART
packets and forwards them to the BT BB controller (and back the other way as
well).  Or you have to write code to go on the BB controller to do the same
through SW interfaces rather than HW.

2. A PC stack must know what HW is being used in order to use it.  This is
an unacceptable foolishness, however, I doubt that any of the HW
manufacturers care.  Why?  Because USB really should be the attachment
method of choice and AFAIK they all support it.  USB gives PnP style
usability, reliable transport, data rates sufficient to fully support BT,
and surprisingly enough it is more likely to be present on all future PCs
than RS-232.  The UART transport layer is intended as an easy embedded
attachment method (where errors are not very likely due to "cable-lengths"
of less than an inch).

3. If you are suffering from errors over RS-232 then
	A. Try using shorter cables.
	B. Switch to USB
	C. Only if the above two are unsuitable would I consider adding code and/or
another uC to use the RS-232 transport layer.

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I have been working for a while with the axis stack but I just can't seem to
get around errors popping over the serial connection,
which wreck havoc on any attempt to send data over PPP (sync loss galore).
I understand this is due to the stack being implemented according to the
HCI-UART transport layer spec.
I was wondering what the status was on making the stack compatible with the
HCI-RS232 transport layer spec.
Any news on that?


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