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RE: [bluetooth-dev] info on rfcomm


You have to look in the TS101369 ver 6.3.0 specification, mentioned as reference [1] in the RFCOMM specification. The values is then set as the 6 highest bits in the type field of the MCC messages, see p25 in TS 101 369 ver 6.3.0.

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> Subject: [bluetooth-dev] info on rfcomm
> Hi
> In the rfcomm.c of the bluetooth stack how did you put the type that is given below.
> #define TEST 0x8
> #define FCON 0x28
> #define FCOFF 0x18
> #define MSC 0x38
> #define RPN 0x24
> #define RLS 0x14
> #define PN 0x20
> #define NSC 0x4
>  Is it any standard specification reference
> regards rabeela