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[bluetooth-dev] hi, hw-dependencies, and local uart-speed

i'm new to the list, so: hi everbody!

i came across an irritation while changing btd (learning by pulling
things apart und putting them back together upside down):

whenever i restart btd(user) i have to reset the ericsson module
(manually) to reset its uart speed to the default value. otherwise
communications with the bt-hw fails. that's because the stack always
sets the local serial port speed to the hw default (in init_phys(...) in
btd.c:1119 ). however, the bt-hw might already be set to another speed
by the previous instance of btd(user).

imho there sould be an additional option (say "-ls <speed>") for the
serial port speed used when first talking to the bt-hw (i.e. the speed
the bt-hw is set to when starting the stack).

this leeds to another question: why isn't there a command in the _menu_
to change the uart speed? i'd like to implement that. however, there
seems to be a catch for ericsson hw when changing uart speed

/* wait for HW... must be sure we have sent whole message before 
   changing baudrate on serial port but we must change serial baudrate
   before the result returns if using P9A modules, why are the P9A
   ericsson modules not sending the result back on same uart speed ?!?!?

after setting the new baudrate "set_ericsson_baudrate(spd);" there is a
fixed wait "usleep(10000)". as of now this code is only called when the
baudrate is set to the hw default (56.7kbps). would the factor have to
be a different one when starting from a different baudrate? does it
depend on other conditions (requests pending, buffer status, etc.)? are
there conditions when uart-speed changes are illegal?


ps.: i found the hardware-depended code is pretty scattered in the
source files. there is ericsson specific functions in btd.c, hci.c and
bluetooth.c. i feel that hw-specific code should be put into one source
file per hw-device supported.

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