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[bluetooth-dev] connection

Hi, I am using your stack to test our boards as it provides us a way to get an idea of the protocols, but there's something that doesn't work and maybe you could help me.
In fact, I use a Linux PC with your stack and a Ericsson development board to connect with another PC with Ericsson's software (under Windows). I use btduser and everything runs correctly (I can retrieve the local BD_ADDR, if I do an inquiry I find the other board, etc.) and if I set up a connection from the Ericsson software PC side the connection works. The problem is, if I use bb_conn (in your user stack software) I can't get to connect to the remote board, I don't get any message in the Linux machine, and neither in the Ericsson software PC. This is fairly weird, as it really works well when initiating the connection from the other side. I don't know exactly what the bb_conn does, but I tried the other commands too, and they don't seem to work, I get absolutely no response.
I would be very grateful if you could give me a clue of what's happening, as I'm a little bit lost.
Thanks in advance,
Carles Cufi
Parrot SA (Paris / France)