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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Ericsson specific event

Joakim Ceder wrote:

> Hello
> We are trying to establish a rfcomm connection with a slightly
> modified axis stack. But an unknown event 0x10 occurs. The BT
> specification tells that this is an Hardware error event. The parameter
> returned is 0x20. This parameter is HW-specific. We use the Ericsson
> modules with firmware P9B.
> Does anyone know what this event mean?
> We have tested our hardware with the original Axis stack, this works fine.
> Joakim Ceder
> Halmstad University

I can't speak for Ericsson, but I saw a hardware error on another type of
board (and had no luck figuring out what the code meant), and discovered that
I needed to add a short time delay between sending the HCI reset command and
sending another HCI command.

Sorry I can't offer better info.