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SV: [bluetooth-dev] What cable used to connect PC and Bluetooth Device?

Well the different Ericsson kits differ.
The developer kit (the big blue metal thing) uses a null modem cable.
The starter kit uses a straight serial cable and finally
the application kit uses a null modem cable. These are the ones sold by
Are there more Ericsson kits out there?

/Mårten Wikström

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Ämne: Re: [bluetooth-dev] What cable used to connect PC and Bluetooth

Ling Ni hao,
If you're talking about the Ericsson hardware, it's a null modem cable.  I
know, a straight serial cable would make more sense to me too...

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Subject: [bluetooth-dev] What cable used to connect PC and Bluetooth Device?

I have a very simple question, hope someone can kindly give me an answer.
What kind of serial cable should I use to connect PC and Bluetooth together?
Is it an null modem cable or just a common serial cable. I am a little bit
puzzled, since GDB remote debugger uses a common serial cable instead of
null modem to communicate with remote device, how could they do this, since
we must swap the 2 and 3 pin to make two devices to communicate with each
others. How could we make it happen using an direct serial cable?
Thanks for any suggestion!

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