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[bluetooth-dev] WAP over Bluetooth, missing profile?


As my master thesis I'm developing a WAP-sever that runs over Bluetooth in
an embedded system. One use case of this system could be to check the status
of the system with a handheld unit running a WAP-client.

My system currently uses the WAP over UDP/IP/PPP-profile as described in the
Bluetooth specification. Since this embedded system never will run as a
WAP-gateway the UDP/IP/PPP-protocols feels a little bit unnecessary. 

WDP, the lowest layer in the WAP-stack, makes WAP bearer independent. I
think that WDP right on top of RFCOMM would be a better solution with much
smaller requirements on memory.

My system right now adds headers for UDP, IP and PPP and then sends the
packet as Bluetooth data not using either the IP-source-address or
IP-destination-address since there already exists a connection to the other

Have I missed something here?

Any comments would be appreciated.

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