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Re: [bluetooth-dev] WAP over Bluetooth, missing profile?

> My system right now adds headers for UDP, IP and PPP and then sends the
> packet as Bluetooth data not using either the IP-source-address or
> IP-destination-address since there already exists a connection to the other
> unit.
> Have I missed something here?
> Any comments would be appreciated.

  My understanding which is not deep, is that packets are passed between the
  devices via PPP/RFCOMM/... This should behave just like a dial up ISP which
  is just a conduit for passing IP packets.  You need the IP addresses to say
  which machine the packet is destined for. i.e. one end of the link could be
  a router to the rest of the Internet. You could wire up your code to ignore
  the address and always assume any packet is addressed to the recieving host
  - but that's very limiting and not what IP is all about.

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