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RE: [bluetooth-dev] Bluetooth USB Update

we are _really_ trying to get a new release out as soon as possible.
Right now it is mainly documentation left and most probably we will have something for you all on monday.

We are working on an external CVS and it should be up any day now. The problem is to make it writeable in a safe way. I do agree that the release rate has been really bad lately and we will do our best to improve this !

Thanks for the feedback !

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This is the current list of bugs that I have.  This places USB-BT firmly
in the pre-alpha stage.  Ie, don't use this as your sole means of
connectivity!  Send me fixes, not more bugs :) This applies to the
Ericsson modules, may apply to others, may even apply to serial BT

Axis guys:  We really need to have a public CVS repository and a better
(read: searchable and maintainable) email list archive.  There have been
no updates since 8/14, which is probably too long for rapidly evolving
code.  I suggest sourceforge, but it is clearly up to you.

1) Unplugging device after stack has been used (even if stack is
unloaded) produces a massive number of "interrupt, status 3" messages and
then hoses machines.
2) Closing half open connections with DISCONNECT messages can hose
machine. (more detail needed here)
3) Possible bug with tty_hangup on a non-existent line discipline, hoses
4) Total loss of data streaming after a short period.  No return of
NUMBER_OF_COMPLETED packets message from device.  Probable device bug?

1) ^C during stack initialization hoses machine
2) When initializing module, timeouts are frequent.
3) active flag in USB module may not get reset if btd is closed

Probably Harmless:
1) The isoc and firmware interfaces are not claimed by the driver.
2) Bulk read call-back status -84
3) Sporadic "interupt, status 3"

Also the ppp configuration that I gave will not work since btd does not
read that config file by default.  Good luck!

Mark Corner                                      

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