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Re: [bluetooth-dev] WAP over Bluetooth, missing profile?

> Having said that though, I'd rather have my phone talk to my car in a
> proprietary way next year than waiting 5 years for a general solution :) A
> compromise as always...

  There are in between solutions avaiable, which are not hard to think of but
  are probably hard to get agreement on :-) e.g. a connectionless
  multicast/unicast service. Let TCP handle connection establishment et

  Peronally I would rather have the better solution, than to live forever
  more with a crud standard.

  But I definitely agree, there are heaps of issues. Lots of problems in
  trying to support everything from the very low overhead, dumb device to
  fully worldwide addressable, portable device.  Trying to make something
  that caters for both needs is not easy.

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