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[bluetooth-dev] IP over Bluetooth - current structure not so clean

  I have my reservations about bluetooth's structure, I think it dates pre-IP
  domination thinking from Telcos. Voice and voice link links appears to be
  the main focus of the standard. It has a connectionless packet data but
  this is not used to send arbitary data - as far as I can tell in a normal
  profile, just negotiate connections. 

  Also the cheap frequency hopping approach is not that suitable for
  connectionless, data transmission. It's cheaper (I understand) but
  in it's present form means that you can potential have long delays
  before you discover a device, like up to 10 seconds, from memory.
  So you can't do a whole lot of IP like things. Broadcast an IP packet -
  like a SNMP trap or ARP or such like in any easy way, when something
  goes wrong. First you have to form a pico net, which can take time
  and then some, more to negotiate connections, PPP what ever.

  With each piconet you can only have 7 devices with one master how how are you
  going to have lots of embedded devices next to each other in a house? i.e.
  your kitchen area or audio/visual entertainment system? Surely a more
  practical system is to establish connectionless links so they can mostly
  stay quiet and quickly send data when they have something to say to an
  arbitrary device?

  Also if you want to send a message to a particular bluetooth device, how do
  you refer to it. Typically in Internet land you have a domain name which
  stays relatively constant, an IP address which can change occasionally (but
  which DNS will map the domain name to automatically) with the link address
  only usable by immeadiate neibours.

  For your interest there is a proposal to support automatic IP address
  allocation over local links that don't want remote routing.


  There is also supposedly an IETF BOF on bluetooth: 

    but I've not seen a single message on it.

  Perhaps Bluetooth version 2 will address some of this stuff.

  But this is getting very far from the charter of this list...

  Of course these are my personal opinions only.

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