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Re: [bluetooth-dev] problem with the code

u8 is unsigned 8-bit (not 8 byte) data, equivalent to the C "unsigned char" type.
As for directly supporting IP-in-L2CAP, you can start by looking at process_frame in l2cap.c:1226, which is called to process a frame received on an opened l2cap channel.  This
function would be dispatch to a function you supply to pass the de-encapsulated IP packet into your TCP/IP stack (in linux, you'd probably want to pass the packet to the function netif_rx).  For sending IP-in-L2CAP packets, you'd want to go through l2cap_send_data and l2cap.c:2038.
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Sent: Tuesday, October 31, 2000 6:30 AM
Subject: [bluetooth-dev] problem with the code

The data that is sent to the rfcomm_send_data is of type u8 *, however that count is u32, its not logical that the data is only 8 bytes, because it's send to the uih function in chunks. So why is the data sent in a poiner to u8 ??
Another thing is that I can't find the code for fragmetation in the l2cap code.
can any one help please, I'm trying to connect IP to l2cap directly using a net device between, but I first need to know how the data is sent through rfcomm, inorder to packet in a l2cap packet.
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Hisham Barradah