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AW: [bluetooth-dev] Interoperability..........


Here is a patch for the original Axis bluetooth_20000814.tgz to support CSR
Hardware. hci_reset and read_ericsson_rev_info are deleted in this version
and the values of write_pagescan_activity are "hard coded".
Also I found out, that the maximum RFCOMM MTU is 240 for CSR. Ericsson Kits
are supporting even more then 240. Why is it set to 127? The link becomes
faster with 240.

best regards

Frank Meyering

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An: 'Frank Meyering'
Betreff: RE: [bluetooth-dev] Interoperability..........

I'm pleased to hear that you have successfully been able to use the stack on
CSR hardware. We are about to release a new version of the stack today (at
the latest on monday) which is a bit more general when setting the stack to
use different hardware.
Is it possible to get a diff on your code and see how much that easily could
be included. If the changes easily code be included we might do this soon.
However, since there has been quite a few changes since last release
(unfortunately our own product development has consumed most time which made
the release-rate on external code suffer).
The best would probably be for you to work on the new stack if it is not too
much trouble. Is that ok ? Anyway, a diff on what there is now would be
useful for us.

Our system department has promised us a open cvs server any day now which
hopefully will solve these issues.


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Subject: AW: [bluetooth-dev] Interoperability..........


I have no problems connecting Ericsson Bluetooth Starter Kits with CSR Kits
(Firmware beta-7). But the connection is a little bit slower (about 10%).
I'm using version 20000814 with the usermode patch (is able to run ppp with
the usermode stack, you don't need a kernel module). But I had to do some
changes in the stack for the csr module. Don't hesitate to contact me, if
you have further questions or if you want to receive a copy of my stack.

best regards


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An: bluetooth-dev@xxxxxxx.com
Betreff: [bluetooth-dev] Interoperability..........


I would like to know whether any body tested interoperability of AXIS Stack.

When I tried to establish connection by using SPP with CSR and Ericsson
modules using AXIS Stack, I am getting 'connection failed' statement.

Expecting an early reply...

Srinivas Chervirala
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