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[bluetooth-dev] PPP not working


We are currently trying to get the newest BT code to work with our test
system, but no luck so far. We installed the CRC checksum error "patch", but
we can't still get a PPP-connection. We are using Ericsson modules (P9A)
with Debian 2.2.18pre15 kernel and I'm curious if someone has succeeded to
establish a PPP-connection with similar BT modules. The earlier BT code
worked just fine.

We are able to read the BD_address and also the INQUIRY works, but when we
disable the modem emulation and connect the other side (con
00:00:00:00:00:01 0 0 0), the connection is not established through all
layers (at least the ppp thing does not open the LAN access, only some LCP
requests are sent).

Can anyone help with these issues?

BR, Rami

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