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[bluetooth-dev] AXIS <-> DigiAnswer BT stack interoperability problem??

I have the latest 10/31 BT stack code working on a Linux box.
I can connect to a Windows 98 box containing a DigiAnswer BT PCMCIA
Demo card via PPP (have to use Dialup connection).

Now, I replace the PCMCIA DigiAnswer BT Demo card with a
Toshiba Bluetooth PC Card.  The Toshiba BT card is just a relabelled, newer
version of the DigiAnswer card.  This Toshiba card just came out,
so I was anxious to test it...it also has updated Windows DigiAnswer

My problem is that this newer version of the DigiAnswer card/software will
not connect to the AXIS stack.  I can't figure out why.
The Windows DigiAnswer software states there was an error connecting to the
remote site (the AXIS stack).
Have the guys at AXIS seen this?  I figure this newer version of the
DigiAnswer card/software will also not connect to the AXIS access

Any ideas?  I was hoping to not have to dig thru lines and lines of
debug msgs on the AXIS side.

Looks like an HCI connection gets established between the two, then ACL pkts
start flying between the two, then the Windows side breaks connection
because it got something it did not like....

Craig Gwydir

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