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[bluetooth-dev] Develop application

since i am doing a Final Year Project which is to use the Axis
protocol stack to provide internet service. I have already set up the
system using the old version (20000814) by connecting 2 PC with null
modem cable and the system worked fine. After that, i have to develop an

application which is internet surfing above the stack.
    During the developing process, i met one problem. As you know, after

execting the protocol stack, ppp connection has been set up between 2
pc, which could be checked by typing command ' ifconfig ppp0'. In fact,
since both PCs could ping each other,  i would like to ask  if the
packets received by 1 PC are passed up from the below layers ( RFCOMM,
L2CAP..)? Did all packets pass through the bluetooth stack? If not, did
it just transfer packet between ppp of 2 PCs?

Thanks you!

Raymond Wong
Hong Kong

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