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[bluetooth-dev] Minor suggestion - hci.c and other things

Within the src/hci.c file, there is a constant macro for "DIGI_EVENT"
defined to be 0xFF.  An event code of 0xFF is really not DigiAnswer
specific.  It is a manufacturer-specific error code.
In an Ericsson chipset, an HCI event code of 0xFF and Event_id of 0x1 means
the firmware OS has crashed.   The only reason I bring this up
is because I am getting a crash on my BT device.  For some reason,
if I send/recv alot of data with an Ericsson BT P9A device, it will stop
sending ACL data - either because the firmware crashed, or because there
are no available ACL slots (acl_num == 0 and BT device isn't sending
NUMBER_OF_COMPLETED_PACKETS events anymore to the host controller).  Has
anybody else seen this?  Do these problems go away with later
Ericsson BT firmware?

I know I need updated BT hardware.  Just doing the best I can with what I
got for now...

Craig Gwydir

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