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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Fail to set up EBSK

>i have tried to use Ericsson Bluetooth Starter Kits (EBSK) to set up
>connection by using Axis Bluetooth Protocol Stack, but it failed. The
>result showed that it could not find the bluetooth address. It gave out
>00:00:00:00:00:00. Can i solve the problem by using USB instead of
>RS232? What are the difference between USB and RS232 connection in
>connecting EBSK?
I do not think your problem will go away by switching from RS-232 to
a USB interface.
I have not used the EBSK, but I would suggest getting the RS-232
connection working first before you try USB.  That way, you will
know the right answers before moving on to a different interface.
Sounds like the stack is not correctly sending and/or receiving data
to/from the BT device.  
Suggestion:  Try a slower UART speed for the Ericsson setup.  I believe
the default is 115200bps.  Use the "-s" option to btd and set the UART
speed to 57600bps.  If that doesn't work, find the file "btdebug.h"
within the "include" directory and start turning on the DEBUG defines,
recompile the stack and examine the debug output for more info.

Craig Gwydir

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