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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Minor suggestion - hci.c and other things

Johan -

Thanks for your reply.  It's good (and sorta bad) to know it is a hardware

About the OSE crash:
You are exactly correct.  I am not using Ericsson HW at both ends.
I am using an Ericsson P9A module at one end (Linux/AXIS stack), and
a DigiAnswer PCMCIA BT card (Win98) on the other using a dialup
connection over the Win98 emulated serial port provided by DigiAnswer.

About using two Ericsson BT modules:
I have tried to use Ericsson P9A modules at both ends, each using a USB
connection, but I cannot get them to connect reliably over RFCOMM.  The
baseband connection gets setup, but the connection sequence does not
complete somewhere during RFCOMM negotiation.  RFCOMM DLCI #0 usually gets
connected, but most often, DLCI #2 does not get setup.  Maybe also related
to the flow control problem you mentioned in previous append because one
side stops xmitting for some unknown reason. and the problem is not
consistent (the connection sequence hangs in different places at different
times - usually in RFCOMM)...

OK - I probably need new BT hardware or I can switch back to an RS-232
interface for now.

Craig Gwydir

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