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[bluetooth-dev] HCI emulation -- piconet?

	I have downloaded your software for the Bluetooth device driver and
trying it out. Its a very good software and also you have made is available
under GNU that is very good. I am especially interested in its HCI emulation
mode with TCP/IP sockets. This is because I do not have any Bluetooth
hardware and want to try out some application before buying any hardware.  
	With the help of the readme file it was easy to build the driver and
the user application. and also run it in both user mode or kernel mode. Now
sockets are supported in only user mode. In this mode as I could see it only
two machines/processes could talk to each other. 
	I wanted to know whether it is possible have more than two processes
or machines talking to each other using this emulation mode. i.e. Can I
simulate a piconet using the this mode? If yes Can you please tell me how to
do it?
Thanking you 

With Regards

Anil Relkuntwar
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