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[bluetooth-dev] RE: Documentation ??


Thanks for replying. I appreciate.

The book you mentioned ("Linux Device Drivers" by Alessandro Rubini) is
already with me. But alas ! This book does not talk about TTY Drivers
(as you have done in Axis Code - bluetooth.c) and Line Disciplines - how
to write those - things which I am particularly interested in.

About KHG, I know that it's useful stuff for starters - but I think it's
quite old. Even there they recommend Rubini's book.

Right now, I have a confusion - I hope you can help me. While
registering for TTY Driver to the Kernel, you register your callbacks
for open, close, write, put_char, flush_chars etc. - but strangely I
don't see anything for 'read' - so how am I supposed to give data (which
I received from bottom) to the User application (need not be a Line
Discipline like PPP) who has opened my device ? I hope you understand my
problem. In the Axis code I noticed the same has been achieved by
calling tty->ldisc.receive_buf() - but I guess this is true for Line
Disciplines .. but what if an User Application which just opens my
device and wants to do write/read buffers ??

I would appreciate your help, again !


# -----Original Message-----
# From: Ben Walter [mailto:bwalter@xxxxxxx.com]
# Sent: Wednesday, November 15, 2000 2:28 PM
# To: Subhankar Saha
# Subject: Re: Documentation ??
# Hi Subhankar,
# Well, I wouldn't exactly call the Axis stack "fine work" ;-)  
# But we take
# what we can get.  You might see if you can lay you hands on a 
# book published
# by O'Rielly called "Writing Linux Device Drivers".  I don't 
# recall whether
# it contains anything directly relevant, but it's an excellent 
# introduction
# to many of the issues you face when extending the kernel.  
# There's an old
# document called the "Kernel Hackers Guide" on many Linux 
# archives, you might
# take a look there.  But the best resource is probably to go 
# through existing
# line disciplines and drivers in the kernel and figure it out 
# from there.
# Some should be better commented than the axis code.
# Ben
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