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[bluetooth-dev] ARM/MIPS patch for 11/15 release

Here's a patch to make the 11/15 Axis release work on ARM & MIPS (big-endian). Hopefully Mats will find it suitable and apply it to the Axis CVS repository...

Added support for:
...2.4 kernel
...Makefiles (optional arch-specific derived object support)

Tested (using FTP over PPP over Bluetooth over serial; user mode; HCI emulation):
...i386 <--> i386
...i386 <--> ARM (NetWinder)

...Download the attached patch as p.gz
...Download the 10/31 Axis stack as bt.tgz
...gunzip p.gz
...tar -xvzf bt.tgz
...cp -arl bluetooth new-bt
...cd new-bt/apps/userstack
...make unlinks
...cd ../..
...patch -p1 -N < ../p
...cd apps/userstack
...make links
...Follow instructions in the README to build
...Test, debug and complain to gmcnutt@xxxxxxx.com

...Due to my current lack of hardware, this patch hasn't seen a lot of testing. However, the code I merged in has seen substantial testing on i386, ARM and MIPS
in kernel mode with real hardware. So if the merge didn't break too much it should be in good shape. I  encourage people to try it and report problems to me.
"Release early, release often" will be my lame excuse.
...I did not test kernel mode because I could not figure out how to make a connection using the new btd. The old 'con' command is not supported anymore.
...You might want to 'make unlinks && make links' in apps/userstack to make sure things are straightened out in there.
...I added some notes at the end of the README on cross-compiling, etc. Feel free to contact me on that subject.


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