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RE: [bluetooth-dev] Setup and Linux-W98 link


The Comtec Sigma uses Ericsson HW, run btd or btduser with "-i ericsson".
btd is the control app for the bluetooth kernel driver bt.o (if running kernel mode), btduser runs the whole stack in user space. If you run as client you get a command line mode, to get the same on the server use "-m" cmd line option.

The way to run TCP/IP over bluetooth is to use ppp, read the LAN access profile or Dial up profile from the Bluetooth SIG.


Axis Bluetooth Team

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I work at Philips but have no access to the official
mail server from my Linux machine, so I am using my
web account.  Please answer to paolo.dini@xxxxxxx.com
if you want to write directly, or to the usual

I am using Comtec-Sigma (CSR?) harware and am trying
to establish communication between a Linux system and
a W98 laptop over Bluetooth.  I have installed Axis's
stack on the Linux system and have the CSR sample apps
running on the laptop.  I will eventually have to
write my own high-level code to get the whole
connection working, I realise.

I have 2 questions:

1 - For the moment I am simply trying to get a
    response from the CSR hardware that indicates
    that either btd or btduser are running correctly.
    I followed the installation closely and am
    pretty sure I did it right.  I am including the
    debug message from the /var/log/messages file:

Nov 17 08:55:59 onoma gnome-name-server[869]:
cnx[IDL:GNOME/Terminal/TerminalFactory:1.0] =

    as well as the screen feedback from the btduser
    command.  Can you please tell me if I am doing 
    something wrong?

Stack/bluetooth/apps/userstack > ./btduser -i csr
Bluetooth Control Application
Running as server
Runnning stack in user mode
Serdev /dev/ttyS0, btdev (not used), speed 115200 baud
Opening dev /dev/ttyS0
Initiating physical driver
Init stack
Initiating read thread
BT SYS: Initialising Bluetooth Stack
BT SYS: Initialising HCI
BT SYS: HCI emulator off
BT SYS: Reading buffer sizes in the module...
BT SYS: Initialising L2CAP
BT SYS:  ERROR :Failed to get local BD addr
BT SYS: Initialising RFCOMM
BT SYS: Modem emulation disabled
BT SYS: Modem not connected
BT SYS: Initialising SDP
BT SYS: Initialising bt buffer (2048 bytes)
Initializing unplug testBT SYS: Modem emulation
No hw init done
pppd not yet runnable on usermode stack...exiting
Stack/bluetooth/apps/userstack > 

    I don't actually understand fully the difference
    between btd and btduser.  Am I supposed to get
    some GUI front-end if I use btduser from which
    to issue command like sending strings across the

2 - Assuming I can get past the basics, above, what
    I am trying to do is establish a connection
    based on internet sockets between the Linux and
    the W98 laptop over a Bluetooth link.  I have
    read the messages about how Bluetooth was not
    designed for TCP/IP networking and that 802.11
    is a much more appropriate vehicle for that,
    and the point is well taken.  However, at this
    point I just want to get something simple
    working to demonstrate the link across platforms
    and I thought that an internet socket might be
    the easiest way to do that.  If I am barking up
    the wrong tree please don't be afraid to be blunt
    about telling me!
    Is there an easier way, perhaps a serial port
    Is there any ready-made source code I could lift
    from somewhere?
    I am new to network programming so I am sorry if
    my questions are elementary.

Thank you very much for your help in advance,

Paolo Dini

SEA Group
Philips Research Laboratories
Redhill, UK

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