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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Test Control Interface & HCI

Hi Gordon,

> While browsing the spec I noticed the chapter on the Test Control
> Interface (TCI). Something in there puzzles me. It says that the TCI
> will be used to test L2CAP. And it will be used to test HCI if the
> manufacturer claims to support HCI.
> How could you implement L2CAP without HCI? Am I missing something?

In an embedded application it doesn't necessarily make sense to use an HCI
layer.  Take, for example, the forthcoming BIC2301 from BrightStar that
implements an entire Bluetooth LAN Access Point on a single chip.  It
doesn't need to implement an HCI interface because the upper and lower
levels of the stack are running on the same silicon.  In this case the L2CAP
layer can interact directly the Link Manager.



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