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Re: [bluetooth-dev] LAN profile

Hisham Barradah wrote:

> In fact I'm doing this know, and we are actully in the last phases, we are
> expecting to get done by next saturday. We wrote our own net drive, but we
> still needed a line discipline to communicate with the serial port.

One question about this kind of thing. If you do this, you won't be able to
talk to peers that expect the PPP/RFCOMM profile. Are you doing this for a
specialized application, where you know you have your profile on both sides of
the link? Or do you know of plans to add a profile to the Bluetooth specs?

> What I
> don't really understand, is how can the PPP work as a LAN profile, because
> PPP doesn't support multicasting or broadcasting, which are very important
> features.

Maybe you can elaborate on this. I'm no expert. Are multicasting and
broadcasting features of IP? One colleague of mine thinks that these are
handled by the ethernet layer (because ARP requires this feature as well).


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