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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Re: [linux-usb-devel] Suggestion and question for USB bluetooth d river

On Wed, Nov 22, 2000 at 06:10:37PM +0900, mgkim@xxxxxxx.kr wrote:
> > Why?  Is there a problem with sending large numbers of ACL packets with 
> > the current non-blocking write?
> Yes. The problem is that
> the FTP file transfer from USB Ericcson module to Digianswer PC card
> (many calls for "bluetooth_write()" are used in this case)
> frequently fails because of the bluetooth USB driver's fail.
> But if I change the non-blocking code to blocking code,
> the FTP transfer is almost always stable.

Could you send me the kernel debug log output for when you are using the
non-blocking code?  The userspace application and the Bluetooth stack
above the driver should be able to handle a short write by the driver
(if not then it needs to be fixed.)

> I have another problem that
> the FTP file transfer from Digianswer PC card to USB Ericcson module to
> Digianswer PC card
> (many calls for bluetooth_read_bulk_callback() and small calls for
> bluetooth_int_callback()  are needed in this case.)   
> always fails
> because the first incoming byte to the user level protocol after some data
> trasnfers is neither 0x02 (ACL) nor 0x04 (EVENT).
>  I guess that the reason is a mix-up of ACL and EVENT packets
> or a buffer overflow. But I am not sure.

Again, kernel debug log output would help out a lot here.  But it sounds
like the Bluetooth device is getting out of sequence.  Could this be due
to the data coming in on the different endpoints?


greg k-h

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