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Re: [bluetooth-dev] LAN profile

 >> What I don't really understand, is how can the PPP work as a LAN
 >> profile, because PPP doesn't support multicasting or broadcasting,
 >> which are very important features.

 Gordon> Maybe you can elaborate on this. I'm no expert. Are
 Gordon> multicasting and broadcasting features of IP? One colleague
 Gordon> of mine thinks that these are handled by the ethernet layer
 Gordon> (because ARP requires this feature as well).

Multicasting and broadcasting can be handled at the IP level as well
as the media or `ethernet' level.  They are different types of
broadcasts.  Try to ping and see who responds.  If
you are on an IP subnet, several machines may answer.  All F's for
and IP address is the broadcast.  Similarly, there are multicast
groups of addresses.  

In any case, this is not a severe limitation and the property could be
emulated by forwarding subnet broadcasts to the PPP link.  This would
be fine as long as the bluetooth PPP/RFCOMM client wasn't also a
master bridging IP traffic.  Maybe this is what the working group is
doing.  Certainly bridges and routers may forward IP broadcasts.


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