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[bluetooth-dev] Axis protocol stack and EBDK?

good afternoon,

   i ve manages to make the current BPS (20001115 -release) from Axis
  work on the EBSK's here at work. the problem that i have now is
  making the BPS work with a pair of EBDK's! is this possible?
  last Tuesday, ive powered up one of the EBDK's and set up the
  Axis protocol stack, set hardware as ericsson and fired away but
  the the protocol stack i think cant communicate properly with
  the EBDK, as i can see in the log that reading the BDADDR of 
  the EBDK was unsuccessful.

   do i need to modify the HCI layer in anyway? ive disabled
  P9A in btconfig.h, by the way. am also using 9600 as the line

   or is the EBDK unsupported?


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