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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Ericsson USB Bluetooth module

I am at exactly the same point you are with the same setup.
I am using the P9A version of the Ericsson BT product, and trying to
connect it a DigiAnswer BT card, then performing an FTP.

See my appends in the AXIS BT forum around Nov 13th of this year
("Bluetooth abd USB - buffer overflow problem").  I understand there
is a firmware and hardware problem with flow control.  This shows up
when transferring/receving alot of BT data.  In some cases, the hardware
just stops sending/recving data.  In other cases, the Ericsson BT firmware
crashes (Event code = 0xFF - Ericsson specific event).  The data after the
event code is a register dump.

What you may be seeing is that the Ericsson BT firmware has crashed.
I have seen this during FTP transfers, none of which have completed
successfully using USB and Ericsson P9A firmware.  If the firmware has
crashed, the game is over and a reset will be the only thing to bring the BT
module out of its daze.

Let me know if you find a way around this problem - I would be
very interested...

Craig Gwydir

>Can anybody answer the following question please?
>I use
>Ericsson Bluetooth module (ROK 101 007/21E P3D), Linux USB Bluetooth driver
>(developed by KH Greg)
>Digianswer Bluetooth Card, MS Windows 98.
>After making a FTP/TCP/IP/.../L2CAP/ACL connection between the two devices,
>I start to transfer several mega bytes data from the Digianswer card to the
>Ericsson Module.

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