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RE: [bluetooth-dev] porting to arm

The problem is solved. I'm running the stack on a AEB-1 which is an
evaluation board with 256 KB SRAM and an ARM7. Since 256 KB is rather small
when running a WAP server on top of Bluetooth and when doing all the debug
in RAM I had to expand the memory. I'm using eCos from Red Hat as operating

The error came when the serial port's in buffer was located in the new
memory area, which was configured as slower than the original memory. The
solution was to reconfigure the memory to use fewer wait states. I have
tried to reduce the baud rate but the ericsson modules (P9A) won't accept
any rates below 38400.

The stack (1031) now works fine and I am really thankful to this arm-patch
which solved my problems in L2CAP. 

> n Andreas
Cc: bluetooth-dev@xxxxxxx.com
Subject: Re: [bluetooth-dev] porting to arm


> ombitechsystems.com wrote:


> > ok I was wrong. Somehow I miss the lost byte because a 

> RS232 sniffer shows

> > that it is there.

> > /Andreas

> >


> How do you determine that the UART isn't overrunning on receive?

> /proc/tty/drive/serial?

The LSR register in the ARM have a bit which is set on overrun.

> And which debug statement shows the missing byte -- the one in

> bt_receive_lower?


> --Gordon


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