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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Ethernet-over-L2CAP patch

Ben Walter wrote:
Here's a patch that adds an Ethernet-like layer running over L2CAP.
This implementation doesn't attempt compatibility with Digianswer's
proprietary Ethernet Profile nor with the SIG's forthcoming Personal
Area Networking Profiles; it's just a neat hack to explore a different
way to network computers using Bluetooth.

To try it out, apply the patch and build the stack like normal:

  $ tar xzf bluetooth_20001115.tar.gz
  $ cd bluetooth
  $ zcat /path/to/ether-patch.gz | patch -p1
  $ make

I developed the patch using the 2.2.14 kernel and haven't had a chance
to test on other kernels, so it's possible it may require a little tweaking on versionsother than 2.2.14.

When you bring up the patched stack, you'll notice that a new network
device, btnet0, is available to your system, whose mac address your
Bluetooth device's bd_addr.  Configure the new interface as you would
any other, e.g.

  # ifconfig btnet0 up

Use btd to initiate the Ethernet-over-L2CAP connection using the new
"ether_con" command like this:

  > ether_con 00:d0:b7:03:28:93

Packets can now be exchanged over the new interface.  As it stands,
each host may only maintain a single Ethernet-over-L2CAP connection - someminor changes would allow you to maintain more. Oh, since the device provides an ethernet-like data link layer, you should be able to use the bridging code to bring your Bluetooth device onto your wired lan. Best regards,Ben Walter
Bluesocket, Inc.

This is a really interesting approach. Thanks for providing it.

Oddly, the Bluetooth Profile Spec has nothing to say about this kind of thing. Does anybody know why? Why the emphasis on RFCOMM as a solution in the spec (other than the obvious reason of supporting legacy apps)?

Given the connection-oriented nature of the Bluetooth protocols, this seems like a natural approach to take. I'm puzzled.