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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Link Key...

Dear Frank,

I would like to know the link key. Please tell me how can I get it...I mean
what are the things I need to change. Please tell me how can I get Tx and Rx
Buffers data at client side. Say a sort of log messages to find out link key
using Rx Buffer data when hci_pin_code_request command is issued.

I am using the stack in user mode.

Waiting for your reply...

Srinivas CH

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From: Frank Meyering <meyering@xxxxxxx.de>
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Sent: Friday, October 27, 2000 5:27 PM
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with the usermode stack you don't need the kernel module. All layers are
integrated in a executable. You start the executable, start the pppd and it
runs. This has some advantages: It is much more stable, because the kernel
module crashes sometimes (e.g. if you want to reset the module). Also the
usermode version is a little bit faster than the module.

In this Stack I have added a new hardware flag: -i csr for the CSR Module.
The HCI-reset and read_ericsson_rev_info aren't executed any more. It works
as well in usermode as in module mode.

best regards


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