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I am having a strange problem as described below ..

I am testing our Bluetooth Software Stack along with Ericsson's
Bluetooth Module ROK 100 007. The following words are writen on it ..

	ROK101007/1 P3A
	99W43 UART

Now, while doing data transfer (using a proprietary file transfer
protocol) I am seeing that the modules missing one complete ACL Data
Packet. The problem happens at a much more faster rate if I start
transfering in both the directions.

Also, occasianally, instead of Data Packet Loss, the Modules detects
that Link Connection has gone and sends back "Disconnection Complete
Event" to the host software with Reason as "Connection Timeout" - I
don't see any reason why that should happen !!

Has anybody faced a similar problem ? Is it something to do with the
version of F/W (in the Module) I am having ? Is there any remedy ?

Any help will be appreciated.

MindTree Consulting.

FYI: I have tried with DH5 and DH3 packet types.

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